Alton Chung will be telling/performing ”LETTER FROM GOLD MOUNTAIN, OBAKE PARK, and THE EXPLODING WHALE.” He is an illustrious storyteller who has traveled around the world to share his craft, history, and stories from around the world.

Mix together the magic and superstitions of the Hawaiian Islands with the history of Japan and Korea and you get finely spun stories from a man rooted in a very unique culture and a one of a kind perspective. All of this is combined and delivered with a deep sense of reverence and authenticity.

 “I have a new story that talks about ancient healers from Tahiti who came to Hawaii to teach the healing arts. They were what they call the third gender, mahu. They were tall men who spoke softly, and had feminine ways. They were greatly revered and put their power into the Healing Stones of Waikiki, which are still there,” said Chung.

It will be an amazing event that you won't want to miss! For more information, contact Dr. Darlene Pagán.