The Alumni Remembrance Ceremony is a quarterly ceremony to remember our alumni and friends who have recently passed.

A brief ceremony will be provided by University Chaplain Rev. Dr. Chuck Currie. When possible families have been notified of the ceremony and everyone is welcome to attend. 

The names of alumni and other members of the university community who have recently passed on are inscribed in a Book of Remembrances and the bell in Old College Hall is rung to signify the passing of each individual.

We are honored to remember the following alumni and friends of the university:

Henry Adams '67

Stephanie (Kasinoff) Allyn '70

Julian Amaya '53, MS '57

Rona Sue Ariel '70

Norman Butler '78, OD '80

Steven Cool

Margaret (Gaston) Cooper '51

Marvin "Cully" Culligan, MAT '05

J. Patrick Cummings '75, OD '77

Robert Fadhl '61, OD '62

Harold Gardiner, OD '71

Dennis Gustafson OD '87

Chatten Hayes

Gary Joyce '62, OD '62

Del (Wheeler) Judy '46, MAED '73

Duane Kaneshiro OD '70

Lin-Fa Lee '58

JoAnne Weinbrecht Leeking '96

Anne (Chamberlin) Levy '46

Reba (Barnhouse) Lloyd '65

Marcy (Bouschor) Maltby '65

Paul Hutton '52

Lisa (Merritt) Pearson '85

Walter Phillips '56, OD '57

W. Scott Poxon '80, OD '83

Jack Reeves '63

Donald Sevetson

Terry Sigel '65

Christina Smith OD '95

Donald Smith '49

Nadine (Brumbach) Stanhope '49

Roy Swartz '49, OD '49

Kris (Kasten) Violette MAT '05

Fred Willis '66

John Zavodsky '54

Albert Zieg '55

We hope you can join us to celebrate their lives and their connection to Pacific University.