Old College Hall

The Alumni Remembrance Ceremony is a quarterly ceremony to remember our alumni and friends who have recently died.

The names of alumni and other members of the university community who have recently died are inscribed in a Book of Remembrances and the bell in Old College Hall is rung to signify the passing of each individual.

Please join us in honoring members of the university community who we have lost in recent months, by watching the virtual Alumni Remembrance Ceremony

We are honored to remember the following alumni and friends of the university:

Clinton Agee '54
Michael Armstrong '63
Michael Ben '71
Jack Beu '57
Lester Bowman '51
Caroline (Sinclair) Brandaw '52
Richard Burdell '70
Dallas Carr '75, OD '76
Mike Charles
Roger De Leon '73
Kristin Diaz Hang PharmD '10
Clara (Vanderzanden) Dickerman '51
Sandra Gray Garcia
Hattie (Fannings) Gaskin '39
Marty Gensler '56
Mac Gillis '63
Malia (Meyer) Gray '92
Gerald Groff '53, OD '54
Barry Hall '61, OD '62
Mary Jane (Lintz) Herman '47
Lisa Howlett '90
Albert Jones '70
Juanita (Shinn) Klusman '49
Lael Peters Kovtun '52, OD '53
Marty Laderman '54, OD '55
Grace (Elliott) Lenz '60
Warren Lund '47
Bill Lynch, MAT '01
Janet (Zimmerman) Markee '58
Jesse Miller OD '49
Douglas Porter '60
Geoffrey Rath '81
Jim Ruch '78, OD '80
Alison Shafer PharmD '16
Joshua Stampfer
Marjory (Jackson) Stokes '51
James Thompson '65
Jane Vosk '70
Steven Wagner OD '68
Kay (Kyle) Waldron '75

* Names above include those that would have been honored at the canceled May 14 Alumni Remembrance Ceremony.

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