Have you ever considered graduate school, but questioned if you would enjoy it, if it is really worth it, or what you would do afterwards?

Come listen to Pacific professors who have been there, done that, and are ready to demystify graduate school by sharing their insights on completing graduate studies and pursuing careers (both inside and outside of academia) in a variety of human services fields.


  • Elizabeth Velasquez, Anthropology 
  • Lindsey Merritt, Social Work  
  • Rebecca Schoon, Public Health  
  • Aimee Wodda, Criminal Justice, Law & Society

These panelists will share their recent lived experiences with graduate school, including the decision of if, how, why, and where to further their studies after undergrad—and how to navigate these decisions as the first in their family to attend college and/or graduate school.

This panel is focused on the social sciences and careers in the human services; all are welcome to attend and learn about the graduate school experience!

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