Geocache water bottle

To encourage households to get outside safely, Outdoor Pursuits challenges you to a treasure hunt; find the OP Geocache.

The OP Geocache is hidden somewhere in Forest Grove on the lands of the Kalapuya people. Venture only with your quarantine household to locate it, collect a prize, and leave a message. Feel free to post on #pacificuoutdoors when you find it, but keep it's location a secret!


  • Start here, where the wild things play, 45°32'18.5"N 123°08'02.6"W.
  • Next, walk south along the path of Illumination. On a clear day, the mighty Wy'east shall be visible to your left.
  • Once you encounter what remains of our town's namesake, your feet will be greeted by a softer path. Notice the temperature drop. 
  • As you enter this oasis, head west at the path's first offering, and appreciate as you stroll through the Douglass Fir, Oak, Alder, and Maple trees. Protected by the canopy, follow the path's meandering tour and when the path crests, you'll encounter a remnant of Troop 855
  • Venture beyond this barrier, continuing west on a smaller footpath leading toward the divide between the natural and manicured landscapes. It is here, around the foot of a great Douglass Fir tree which guards this perimeter, where the OP Geocache hides!

Note: Please practice cleanliness when handling the geocache. A bottle of hand sanitizer is attached to the geocache. Sanitize your hands prior and after touching the geocache to limit the spread of germs. 

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