Pacific's Master of Nonprofit Leadership program presents faculty member Saul Weisberg to share his experiences of creating and growing a board and budgets in the world of nonprofit wilderness programs. Stay for Q&A with Corky McReynolds to highlight the MNL program's unique design and approach to professional development

Weisberg's Background

Weisberg recently retired after 35 years as executive director and co-founder of North Cascades Institute, which began 37 years ago as the dream of 2 seasonal wilderness rangers for the National Park Service. The team experimented with various structures, roles and responsibilities as the Institute grew from a small field-based environmental education organization with a $89,000 budget to a mature conservation organization with a staff of 60 people, a residential field campus and a $4 million budget. Weisberg will share some of the highs and lows learned along the way.

He has been adjunct faculty at Huxley College of the Environment, and a contributing editor to the Journal of Natural History Education and Experience, and the Journal of Environmental Education. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Environmental Education Association of Washington, the Association of Nature Center Administrators, and several other boards.