Old College Hall

The Alumni Remembrance Ceremony is a quarterly ceremony to remember our alumni and friends who have recently died.

The names of alumni and other members of the university community who have recently died are inscribed in a Book of Remembrances and the bell in Old College Hall is rung to signify the passing of each individual.

We are honored to remember the following alumni and friends of the university:

Jose Alcantara '72
Keith Allison '62, OD '63
Phillip Andrus '74, OD '74
Rae (Reeher) Bailey '41
Bob Baltes '53
Tom Barry '51
Marvin Bell Former Faculty
Larry Bosshardt '57
Nancy (James) Bourke '52
Douglas Culbertson '51
Kevin DeWolfe '83, OD '86
Ken Dixson '68
Barbara (Boates) Dunnette '62
Jim Elliot '65, OD '66
Jean Emerson '67
Peggy (Wilke) Graves '60
Inez (Bondurant) Griffels '66
John Gustafson OD '76
Yoriko Hoshino '85
Mic Howe Employee
E. Merritt Hulst '67
Vava (VanDeMark) Johnstone '57
R.A. Jones '49
Dena (Ketsdever) Kammerud '85
Donald Klein, MA '64
Susan (Whitlatch) Kojima '77
Molly (Hitchcock) Krogh '69
Geraldyne (Kajihara) Lacno '86
Eneida May '65
Robert McMillan '72
Gerald Pease '75, OD '76
Eileen (Acton) Preston '52
Martin Scheuffele '59
Gilbert Schnitzer Former Trustee
Gisele (Nusspickel) Smith '68
Norman Stern MED '84
Ingrid Thornquist '21
Chris Trachtenbarg PT '04
Alice (Furby) Voges '52
Lee White '59
Sandy (Sanders) Winnett '55

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