Beyond being a comfortable place to live, Pacific's residence halls and houses are at the heart of students' academic and social lives.

"I like living on campus because it's more intimate and a more true 'college experience.' The independence is a big part of growing up."
— Kellie Takamori

You will study, meet friends and grow as a person, all while being supported by professional and student live-in staff. Plus, being able to roll out of bed minutes before class starts is pretty great.

Find information about our housing options, gender and housing assignments, as well as specialty wing options that cater to specific interests and needs.

While individual hall rooms will vary in size and shape, each is furnished with a single bed, dresser, mirror, desk with overhead light, chair, bulletin board, mini-blinds, computer network connection, smoke detector, closet and storage space. Additionally, each residence hall contains recreational areas for watching TV, laundry facilities, and kitchen facilities.


1st year students typically live in:

  • Cascade Hall: mostly doubles (2-person) rooms, with some singles and double suites (have a bathroom)
  • McCormick Hall: mostly doubles (2-person) rooms, with some singles, single suites and double suites (shares a bathroom with another suite)
  • Walter Hall: mostly doubles (2-person) rooms, with some singles

Returning, transfer and professional students typically live in:

See eligibility requirements for residence halls and houses.

Pricing information for rooms can be found here.

Gender & Housing

Campus Living welcomes students of all genders to live at Pacific University and offers gender-inclusive housing options to all residential students. Our team is committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for students of all gender identities. We make every effort to place students in the housing arrangements that best meet students' needs and preferences.

All residential buildings are gender-inclusive with the exception of a men's wing and a women's wing, both in Walter Hall.

Through the new student housing application, students will select their gender identity. If a student chooses to form a roommate group, they can create a with whomever they'd like to live with, regardless of their gender identity. If a roommate group is not created, Campus Living will match students with roommates whose gender matches their own.

Students may contact Campus Living at any time to change their gender identity or other housing preferences. Official name changes and legal sex designation changes with the University should be made with the Registrar's Office via the process described here.

Halls, Floors & Wings: Campus housing halls, floors and wings are gender-inclusive, with the exception of a men's wing and a women's wing.

All Gender Bathrooms and Restrooms: All gender bathrooms (toilet, sink and shower) and restrooms (toilet and sink) are available as follows: 

  • Cascade: private use all-gender bathrooms with showers on each floor
  • McCormick: four private-use all-gender restrooms on 1st and 2nd floors; no all gender showers available
  • Walter Hall: 1 private-use all gender restroom and 1 private-use all-gender bathroom on 1st floor
  • Burlingham & Gilbert: no community all-gender bathrooms or restrooms; all units have private bathrooms
  • Vandervelden: 1 community all-gender restroom; all units have private bathrooms

When completing a housing application, students will have the option to select if they need access to an all gender bathroom so that we can make their placement accordingly.

Specialty Wing Options

These wings are designated portions of otherwise typical floors for students who prefer such communities, and are pending based on available space and student interest. These wings are located near typical floors and wings, and as such, students from other wings will walk through and share community spaces with the students of each specialty wing.

Women's Wing: A wing within a traditional residence hall where neighbors are women.

Men's Wing: A wing within a traditional residence hall where neighbors are men.

Rainbow Wing: A wing in a traditional hall with rooms for students who are in or allies to the LGBTQIA+ community, including those who identify outside the gender binary. This wing provides a space that affirms the experiences of students in the LGBTQIA+ community.