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As you plan your events or marketing strategies, digital signs are a great, direct way to communicate with students, staff and faculty. If you are interested in posting content on the digital signs, please submit appropriate, branded content to the Student Activities web team at

Be sure to include an end date for posting as well as the name and date of your event, if applicable. In order to get your material on screen in the UC as soon as possible, we have listed some guidelines to help you create the appropriate content. Please submit content three weeks in advance of event date. 

We will evaluate your submission and, if approved, it will be posted within one week. Content is subject to removal at any time.

You may submit graphics, photos, text and videos no more than 30 seconds. Adhering to both Pacific University brand standards and the following guidelines will help ensure that your content will be approved and posted.

  • Ensure dimensions are 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • Submit high-definition files in a .jpg format
  • Use RGB color mode in submissions

Things to remember when your making your sign:

  • Event Title 
  • Date and time of event 
  • Location of event
  • Event Host
  • Contact information

Creating content for the digital signage system requires consideration of technical, legal, and aesthetic factors.

The technical considerations deal with the system's capabilities and limitations. The aesthetic or creative considerations relate to making the digital slides and digital video visually interesting and effective form of communication.

How To:

Digital slides can be produced in any program that creates a JPEG/JPG (joint photographic experts group) file such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office Publisher.

  • Create a file using one of the preferred programs above. Set your image size to 1920x1080 px or an equivalent 16:9 ratio.
  • If you use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, or an exported PDF, you will need to CROP your advertisement to a 16:9 ratio and save it as a .JPG file. See the previous Policies & Guidelines page for more details on sizing info.
  • Save your completed advertisement as a .JPG file so it can be displayed on the TVs. This is a technical requirement.
  • Continue to pages Submit: Step 1, then Submit: Step 2.

Minimum requirements

Content submitted for display on the digital signage system must meet the following minimum requirements before it will be approved and scheduled for display.

  • Digital slides must be in JPEG, 16:9 ratio format.
  • Digital video must be 30-45 seconds or less in length and may not contain audio. Compatible digital video file formats are currently restricted to Youtube links.
  • Digital slides or digital video using a solid red background will not be scheduled for display. Solid red backgrounds are reserved for emergency communications only.
  • Do not incorporate elements into digital sign content that violate copyright laws.

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