Student Alumni Association

Who We Are

We are Pacific University students who are passionate about the future and legacy of our university. Visit our Facebook page to learn more about S.A.A. and our work on campus.

Our Mission

Pacific University Student Alumni Association is dedicated to preserving university traditions while teaching professional skills and the importance of philanthropy. S.A.A. aims to build future alumni leaders and encourage interaction between alumni and students.

How We Contribute

S.A.A. strives to promote school spirit, build loyalty and advance campus tradition in the Pacific community through events and education programs:

  • Medallion Search
  • Homecoming
  • Senior Salute
  • Other alumni networking events
  • Other student philanthropy events

Why Join?

S.A.A. presents an opportunity to get to know and work with other students. Benefits of being a member include:

  • Professional development
  • Resume and portfolio building experience
  • Opportunity to help shape the university community
  • Opportunities to network with alumni
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Fun!


Genessa Jardin '20, President
Jessica Brady '20, Vice President for Publicity
Matt Shimabukuro '20, Vice President for Finance
Hannah Buechler '20, Vice President for Logistics

University Liaisons

Martha Calus-McLain '03, senior director of alumni and community engagement

Learn More

To learn more about Student Alumni Association, please contact the Alumni Association at or 503-352-2057.