Advising for Physics Major

Physics Core and Emphases

Physics Core

All Physics majors need to take the following core set of physics courses regardless of their chosen emphasis.

PHY 232-242 General (Workshop) Physics I-II  


PHY 202-204 Introductory Physics I-II

PHY 322 Modern Physics with Health Applications

PHY 332 Waves and Optics

PHY 470 Advanced Analysis in Physics

PHY 491-493 Physics Capstone I-II

MATH 226-228 Calculus I-III

CHEM 220-230 General Chemistry I-II


CS 150-250 Intro to Computer Programming


CHEM 220 General Chemistry I and CS 150 Intro to Computer Programming

Physics Emphases

In addition to the core courses listed to the left, physics majors need to take the following courses to complete the m ajor:

Traditional Physics Emphasis:

  • PHY 410 Classical Mechanics
  • PHY 420 Quantum Mechanics
  • PHY 460 Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • 8 credits of 300-400 level electives

Environmental Science Emphasis

  • PHY 410 or PHY 420 or PHY 460
  • PHY 300-400 level electives
  • PHY 384 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • ENV 200 Intro to Environmental Science
  • ENV 330 Ecosystems and Ecological Design
  • ENV 300-400-level elective

Health Professions Emphasis

  • PHY 410 or PHY 420 or PHY 460
  • 2 PHY 300-400 level electives
  • 2 approved 300-400 level electives from BIO, CHEM, or EXIP

Engineering Physics Emphasis

  • PHY 410 or PHY 420 or PHY 460
  • Omit PHY 470 Advanced Analysis in Physics

A minimum of 24 semester credits in engineering courses in an approved engineering program at another institution will transfer back to Pacific University and count towards the completion of the physics degree. Department-approved coursework taken at the engineering institution along with an approved public presentation will satisfy the requirements for the Senior Capstone. Of the courses used to satisfy the major, at least 28 CR must be at the 300 or 400 level, or equivalent, with at least 4 of these credits at the 400-level, or equivalent.