Chaucer Corporate Tour

Students visit Chaucer facilityChaucer is a global producer of specialist food ingredients and products. In 2015, the company opened a US Freeze Dry factory in Forest Grove, just blocks from Pacific University’s campus. The facility focuses on the freeze drying of fruits and vegetables, from whole produce through to sliced, diced, and powdered formats, as well as packaging in a wide variety of carton-size configurations.

The facility brought some 75 jobs to the Forest Grove community, a location that the company chose due to its green power supply and its freight links. This is the third manufacturing platform for the UK-headquartered Chaucer group, which produces food products for worldwide clients including Kellogg’s, Nestle, Starbucks, Unilever, General Mills and more.

“Global consumer demand for freeze dry has never been higher, as the modern consumer is increasingly focused on improved food quality and natural clean ingredient declarations. Freeze dry ingredients are 100 percent natural with zero added flavor, color or preservatives. In addition they retain circa 98 percent of the nutrients including the all-important vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds found in the fresh material.”