Africa's Experience in Kenya

This is a multidisciplinary, two-week seminar lead by the faculty of Egerton University, in Njoro Kenya. A Ph.D-granting institution near Nakuru, Egerton was founded in the 1930's as an agricultural college by Lord Egerton on his estate in the “White Highlands” of Central Kenya. Attaining full University status in the 1960's, Egerton currently hosts about 8,000 students and features a large, secure campus and an adjoining 3,000 acres of teaching farmland. The Seminar on Globalization: Africa’s Experience in Kenya was created in 2003.

The Central Rift Valley region of Kenya offers an ideal place for Study Abroad in Africa. Far from the large and crowded capitol of Nairobi, Nakuru lies in the Great Rift Valley within a few hours drive of many, many sites of interest. These include nearby Lake Nakuru wildlife park, the virtual geological and archeological wonderland that is the Rift Valley, Mt. Kenya (the second highest peak in Africa), and many agricultural sites of interest (including tea and coffee plantations, and Lake Naivasha’s large flower export business). More important perhaps are the social institutions the region offers, including schools, social service agencies, environmental organizations and NGOs.

Study areas may include topics such as Kenyan history and culture; current economic, social and political issues in Kenya; regional development and the impact of globalization on Kenya and East Africa; ethnic and sociological issues in contemporary Kenyan society; issues in sustainable natural resource and environmental management; the African Union; development through local government, faith-based or other Non-Government Organizations;agriculture and the environment (Egerton University considers itself the leader in Organic Agriculture in Africa); issues in primary and alternative health care; education and human services in Kenya; and introductory Swahili Language. Through a connection with the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru, students will have hands-on experiences in various programs, such as working with street children, peer counseling, grade and high school teaching, medical clinics or health center nursing and human services work.

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Section Course Credit Hours
EDUC-220 Seminar in Kenya I (at Pacific University)


EDUC-392 Seminar in Kenya II (at Egerton University)



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