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Pacific Robert Noyce Scholarship Program

Pacific Robert Noyce Scholarships are available to exemplary science and math teaching candidates whose background, skills, and future career goals demonstrate the ability to meet the challenges of teaching science and math in high needs classrooms and schools.

Two groups of students are eligible to become Pacific Robert Noyce Scholars:

  1. Undergraduate Track applicants are Pacific University undergraduate students who will be seniors in a STEM major (Division of Natural Science), and wish to complete their teaching preparation in the Pacific Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program after graduation, and
  2. Career Change Track applicants hold bachelor or higher degrees in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or a related discipline, and wish to enroll in the Pacific University Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program.

Learn more about the Pacific Robert Noyce Scholarship Program.

College of Education Scholarships— Graduate

Dean's Scholarship

Criteria: available to full time MAT 5th Year students. Applicants are evaluated on academic ability, financial need, and teaching potential. Special consideration is given to those pursuing certification in high need areas such as mathematics and science and to bilingual candidates.

Approximately 30 scholarships are awarded annually between the Forest Grove and Eugene campuses. Scholarship awards average $2,000.

To apply, complete the Dean's Scholarship Application Form (pdf).

For more information: or 503-352-1435 (toll free 877-722-8648 ex. 1435).

Pacific University Scholarships — Undergraduate

Irene Holland Annual Scholarship

Criteria: an undergraduate junior or senior majoring in education or a related field with the intent of becoming an educator. Preference given to a student interested in pursuing physical education and/or coaching. Demonstrated financial need and in good academic standing. Renewable through Pacific’s Master of Arts in Teaching program.

Ankeny Endowed Scholarship

Criteria: an underrepresented teaching candidate studying to teach pre-K through grade 8. Priority given to candidate with undergraduate GPA of 3.5 and above, economic need, member of underrepresented group in early childhood and elementary education.

Henry Kaulia Annual Scholarship

Criteria: an undergraduate with demonstrated financial need. A student entering their junior or senior year majoring in Ed and Learning or with an interest in becoming an educator. Renewable through Pacific’s MAT program. Shall be awarded to a student from Hawaii with preference given to a Leeward Oahu student.

Schmiedeke-Cox Annual Scholarship

Criteria: used to assist transfer students interested in an education career. Based on need and merit, renewable through undergrad and graduate years.

Doc Roberts Endowed Scholarship

Criteria: student enrolled in STEM, with financial need, pursuing a teaching career in science and/or math. If no candidate demonstrates financial need, award may be based on merit.

Touch the Future Endowed Scholarship

Criteria: awarded to Latino students who have demonstrated financial need and academic promise. Primarily awarded to students who want to enroll at Pacific for teacher training. COE would be pleased if these students became teachers but would also be pleased to see any higher education choices.

To apply for any of the above Undergraduate scholarships, fill out an Undergraduate Scholarship Application (pdf).

For information on Pacific University undergraduate scholarships and financial aid, contact the Financial Aid office at 503-352-2222 (toll free 877-722-8648 ext. 2222) or

Other Scholarship Opportunities

Loan Forgiveness

Stafford Loan Forgiveness Program for Teachers

For more information, see the College of Education Financial Aid.