Interprofessional Case Conference

Through a series of Interprofessional Case Conferences, students will be seated in interprofessional teams to learn more about other professions while exploring a topic through the four Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) core competencies (pdf):

  1. Values & Ethics: Work with others to maintain climate of mutual respect and values
  2. Roles & Responsibilities: Using knowledge of one's roles and those of other professions to appropriately assess and address patient needs
  3. Interprofessional Communication: Communicate with all stakeholders (patients, communities, other health professionals) in a responsive and responsible manner supporting interprofessional approach
  4. Teams & Teamwork: Apply relationship-building values and principles to team dynamics to plan and deliver safe, efficient care

(Adapted from Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel. (2011).  Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice: Report of an expert panel.  Washington, D.C.: Interprofessional Education Collaborative)

Date IPEC Core Competency Topic
Sept. 26, 2018 Values & Ethics Transgender Patients 
Oct. 24, 2018 Teamwork Pediatric Audiology
Jan. 23, 2019 Roles & Responsibilities  Traumatic Brain Injury
Feb. 27, 2019 Communication Addiction 
March 20, 2019 Roles & Responsibilities Global Health
April 17, 2019 Values & Ethics Mental Health