Diversity Conference | School of Graduate Psychology

Annual Diversity Conference

The Annual Diversity Conference is a student-led event hosted by Pacific University School of Graduate Psychology (SGP). The conference seeks to increase awareness of diversity-related topics among students and faculty. The topic of the conference is chosen based on input from the SGP community and participants who attended the conference the previous year.  The conference includes a keynote address, panel and group discussions, an afternoon session, and student poster presentations.  Professionals and community leaders are invited to present their expertise. For more information on our Annual Diversity Conference, please contact: SGP Program Associate (sgp@pacificu.edu) or the PsyD Diversity Coordinator.

Past Conference Themes

2021 | Resiliency in a Year of Grief and Loss
2020 | Due to gathering restrictions related to COVID-19, the 2020 SGP Diversity Conference was postponed indefinitely. 
2019 | Immigration
2018 | Low SES: Digging Deeper than Dollar Signs
2017 | Gender Diversity: Non-binary and Transgender Identities
2016 | Ableism and Disability, with a focus on advocacy
2015 | Religion/Spirituality
2014 | Body Acceptance/Body Positivity
2013 | Gang Culture
2012 | Gender Identity and Expression
2011 | Indigenous Populations