Diversity Student Groups | School of Graduate Psychology

Student Groups

Student-led diversity groups are an important part of our academic community. There are several long-standing groups, and each year new groups are formed that serve the needs of our students. Descriptions of established groups along with faculty advisors can be found on the SGP Diversity Initiatives website and/or Moodle. The SGP Diversity Initiative website is a central location for more information on the various diversity student groups formed and maintained by students in SGP. For more detailed information on the various diversity groups including current events, please contact: SGP Program Associate (sgp@pacificu.edu). Current students can access additional information on Moodle - SGP Student Support Resources

IDEAS (Interest in Diversity Education, Awareness, and Service)

The purpose of IDEAS is to increase commitment to diversity through fostering our values to build leaders and community within a supportive environment that facilitates the sharing of personal diversity related experiences.

Objectives of this group include: (1) getting to know one another, (2) exploring one another as cultural beings, (3) discovering the intersections of diverse characteristics, (4) professional and personal growth, (5) building our foundation of diversity knowledge, and (6) supporting Diversity Conference, among others.

Students for Secular, Spiritual, and Religious Perspectives (S.S.R.P.)

Our group is an all-inclusive student-run group celebrating diverse beliefs, religions, and spiritual practices. The group is designed to facilitate personal growth, clinical competency, and research ambitions for all SGP students. We value integrating academic learning with our own religious/spiritual beliefs and journey in service of facilitating a deeper understanding of ourselves and each other as well as developing our professional skills as clinicians and/or researchers. We meet monthly to engage in open dialogue about worldviews, beliefs, clinical experiences, and research. We also bring in speakers who represent various traditions.

Gender, Identity, and Sexual Orientation Support Group (GISO)

GISO is an all-inclusive group that meets monthly to discuss topics related to sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender expression, and gender identity. Each meeting has an identified topic to help get discussion started. The topic will be announced in advance and if you want to come to just one meeting that is okay, although our hope is that you will choose to come to several meetings. Attendees will be given a space to discuss and seek support on personal matters related to sexuality and gender, whether those matters are outside of SGP or within it. The GISO hopes that with consistent discussions about sexuality and gender we will start to build a more inclusive community here at SGP. It is our belief that regular discussions such as this will create a space where support can be both offered and received. The GISO runs social events periodically and those will be announced as they come up. It is our hope that every single one of you will join with us and help us to continue to build a community that celebrates the many different sexual and gender orientations and identities.

Minority Support Group (MSG)

The Minority Support Group provides a safe and informal setting where ethnic minority students and allies promote both individual and community growth regarding ethnic diversity at Pacific University's School of Graduate Psychology. Our mission is to develop and sustain an environment in which ethnic minority students feel professionally and personally comfortable, supported, and empowered.

Chronic Illness and Disability Support Group (CID)

CID is a group reserved for SGP students who personally experience chronic physical/mental illness and/or disability. Meetings are structured to cultivate a sense of safety, support, and community around illness and disability issues. Our meetings are typically held monthly and off-campus in Beaverton/Hillsboro. While attendance is not strictly confidential, attendees are expected to agree and adhere to our privacy policy.

In addition, CID hosts events intended to offer a forum to witness, discuss, and honor the collective wisdom, strength, and experiences of those with chronic illness and disability. All members of SGP community are welcome to attend and assist with these events. Those interested in further information are encouraged to contact the group leader.