School of Pharmacy Office of Educational Research and Statistics (OERS)

 Office of Educational Research and Statistics (OERS)

Provides an office where faculty, staff, preceptors, students, and residents can receive assistance in the scholarship of teaching and learning and in biostatistical analyses.

The office will provide guidance to help scholars:

  • Generate ideas for research based on current or future work
  • Identify meaningful outcomes measurements for SOTL publication
  • Design and interpret statistics for robust studies, both educational and clinical
  • Carry out outcomes interpretation
  • Improve the quality of research that is currently being conducted within the SOP

The office will not perform work per se but can provide information and assistance to guide faculty in the above areas.


Amber  V.K. Buhler | scholarship of teaching and learning

Brigg Turner | research statistical design

Contact us at or individually to schedule appointments for consultation.

Resources Available to Faculty

Software and systems available upon request

Mendeley reference and bibliography database software | This tool allows users to share databases of SOTL articles, and to work collaboratively in real-time with bibliographic materials. See Amber Buhler for database access.

SPSS Advanced Statistics |  This software is the premiere tool for data analysis in the research fields.

Camtasia Studio | This software allows for recording of educational materials, which can be used in planning and implementation of innovative learning activities

Kanban Flow project management and collaboration system | This project management system is an excellent tool for collaborators to track studies and manuscripts in order to see at what step the project is at and who is responsible for each step.

Texts available upon request

  • Introduction to Educational Research | ISBN: 9781483375489
  • An Introduction to Educational Research | ISBN: 9781483319506
  • Psychometrics: an Introduction | ISBN: 9781412927604
  • Creating Significant Learning Experiences | ISBN: 0787960551
  • Pharmacy Education: What Matters in Learning and Teaching | ISBN: 9780763773977
  • Classroom Assessment Techniques | ISBN: 1555425003
  • Designing Clinical Research | ISBN: 0781722187
  • Reading Statistics and Research | ISBN: 9780132178631
  • Basic Statistics for the Health Sciences |  ISBN: 9780072844030 
  • Logistic Regression Models | ISBN: 9781420075755
  • Propensity Score Analysis | ISBN: 9781452235004
  • Introduction to Time Series Using Stata | ISBN: 9781597181327
  • A Gentle Introduction to Stata | ISBN: 9781597181426
  • Practical Multivariate Analysis | ISBN: 9781439816806
  • Biostatistics, A Foundation for Analysis in the Health Sciences | ISBN: 9780470105825

Texts available Online

Several E-books are available online via Pacific University’s library system. These books may be available directly from the publisher or from library-subscribed databases via library databases.

Guide to Pharmacy Education Journals

Need help identifying the appropriate journal to which to submit your SOTL study? We put together a pharmacy education journal guide describing journals specializing in publication of pharmacy education studies. Included for each journal: open/closed access; whether indexed; impact factor; publication fee; journal focus; article categories.

Additional guidance for Journal Identification

JANE: Journal/Author Name Estimator