School of Pharmacy Office of Educational Research and Statistics (OERS)

The School of Pharmacy Office of Educational Research and Statistics (OERS) provides an office where faculty, staff, preceptors, students, and residents can receive assistance in the scholarship of teaching and learning and clinical outcomes research.

The office will provide guidance to help scholars:
•    Generate ideas for research based on current or future work
•    Identify meaningful and realistic outcome measurements
•    Design, conduct, and interpret statistics 
•    Disseminate scholarly works as poster presentations, podium presentations, and journal articles 


Contact the office by email or the directors individually to schedule appointments for consultation.

For questions about projects involving the scholarship of teaching and learning, please contact Amber V.K. Buhler at

For questions about projects involving clinical outcomes or for statistical analysis assistance, please contact Brigg Turner at

Recommended Resources | This is a free citation software that can be used to collect and organize citations from the internet, create bibliographies, and embed bibliographies into papers using Microsoft Word©.

Kanban Flow | This free project management system is an excellent tool for individual researchers or collaborators to track progress of research and detail next steps. 

ASHP Essentials for Practice-Based Research for Pharmacists | This is a free resource (need to sign up for free login) consisting of a series of recorded presentations and handouts designed specifically to assist pharmacy residents successfully complete a research project. However, this resource is useful for anyone that is newer to research. 

ICMJE recommendations | The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors are ubiquitously acknowledged as the standard for determining authorship eligibility <link ‘authorship eligibility to In addition, they provide excellent recommendations on how to prepare your manuscript: which sections to include, what to include, and common pitfalls. 

Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE) | This free tool is a great way to identify journals that may be a good fit for your paper. Simply paste your abstract into the text box and JANE will identify journals that have published similar papers. 

Guide to Pharmacy Education Journals | Need help identifying the appropriate journal to which to submit your SOTL study? We put together this guide describing journals specializing in publication of pharmacy education studies. 

Resources Available Only to Members of the School of Pharmacy

Mendeley reference and bibliography database software | This tool allows users to share databases of SOTL articles, and to work collaboratively in real-time with bibliographic materials. See Amber Buhler for database access.

SPSS Advanced Statistics | This software is a powerful data analysis package. Please contact UIS for installation or license key renewal.

The UCLA Institute for Digital Research and Education | Excellent free resources for how to use SPSS and how to interpret the output from multiple statistical tests.

Hard copy books | Dr. Buhler and Dr. Turner have an extensive library of physical books that cover SOTL and statistical methodologies including:

  • Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • An Introduction to Educational Reseach, Psychometrics
  • Basic Statistics for the Health Sciences
  • Introduction to Time Series
  • Practical Multivariate Analysis

Please contact them for more information.