Experiential Education | Students

All students will complete a total of 360 hours of introductory pharmacy practice experiences (IPPEs) and 1,680 hours of advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs). Students begin with IPPEs in health system and community pharmacy settings after the P1 (3-year program) and P1B (5-year program) and then progress to APPEs during the final year of each program.

Experiential Timeline






Intro to IPPE shadow 

(4 hours)

P1 Spring

P1B Spring

Community IPPE

(160 hours)

P2 Summer

P2A Summer

Health System IPPE

(160 hours)

P2 Summer

P2A Summer

Community Outreach Week

(40 hours)

P2 Fall

P2A Fall, Longitudinally

APPE Blocks 1 - 8

(1,680 hours)

Entire P3 Year

Entire P5 Year