Postdoctoral Fellow | School of Pharmacy

The postdoctoral fellow will conduct bench research that aligns with a selected School of Pharmacy basic sciences faculty member and facilitates the scholarship mission of Pacific University. As our school and university have a primary focus on teaching, this fellow will also receive experience in the various aspects of academic pharmacy.  The duties of the postdoctoral fellow are to carry out research experiments, analyze results, write manuscripts, submit abstracts and present posters at local and national conferences, write and submit grants under supervision, and perform other academic and/or scholarship duties as assigned by the supervisor. The postdoctoral fellow position is an 11-month calendar year appointment for two consecutive years.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A PhD in a pharmaceutical or biomedical sciences-related discipline
  • Experience in writing and submitting manuscripts and/ or grant applications
  • Excellent communication skills and an ability to work effectively as a team member in all aspects of the academic environment (research, teaching and service)


  • Gain expertise in a designated research area and demonstrate a high level of productivity
  • Provide up to 20 hours of classroom teaching per year in the PharmD curricula in a relevant pharmaceutical sciences area
  • Serve as a member on a School standing committee


  • To promote discovery research and support scholars to advance pharmaceutical sciences
  • To assist the postdoctoral fellow in developing skills in research, teaching, and service
  • To assist the postdoctoral fellow in learning expectations and responsibilities of academics
  • To sustain a reputation of excellence in education and scholarship by promoting postgraduate endeavors

2017-2019 Postdoctoral Fellow

Michael Espiritu, PhD