Communication Sciences & Disorders Minor Curriculum


Section Course Title Credit Hrs Semester Offered
CSD-200 Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders 2 Fall & Spring (on campus)
CSD-209 Clinical Phonetics 4 Fall (on campus)
Fall & Spring (online)
CSD-303 Speech Science (Prerequisite CSD 209) 4 Spring (on campus)
Spring (online)
CSD-204 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech 4 Fall & Spring (on campus)
Fall (online)
CSD-307 Speech and Language Development 4 Spring (on campus & online)
CSD-300 Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation 4 Fall (on campus & online)
CSD-310 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology (Prerequisite CSD 204) 4 Spring (on campus & online)
Summer (online)
CSD-306 Clinical Observation 1 Fall (on campus & online)
Spring (online)
Total Credits 27