Communication Sciences & Disorders Minor Curriculum

The CSD Minor is a 21 credit (minimum) program comprised of 18 credits of required coursework and student selected electives of at least 3 credits.

Section Course Title Credit Hrs Semester Offered
CSD-200 Introduction to Communication Sciences and Disorders 2 Fall & Spring
CSD-209 Clinical Phonetics 4 Fall
CSD-204 Anatomy and Physiology of Speech 4 Spring
CSD-307 Speech and Language Development 4 Spring
CSD-311 Introduction to Audiology 4 Fall
CSD Minor Elective Course Offerings | Minimum 3 Credits Required
Section Course Title Credit Hrs Semester Offered
CSD-303 Speech Science*
*Prerequisite CSD 209
4 Spring
CSD-312 Aural Rehabilitation*
*Prerequisite CSD 311
2 Spring
CSD-310 Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology*
*Prerequisite CSD 204
4 Spring
CSD-306 Clinical Observation 1 Fall

Please note: Students who intend to apply to graduate programs in speech-language pathology are strongly encouraged to complete the entire series of courses offered. Students applying to graduate programs in audiology or speech-language pathology are also required to complete coursework in statistics, biological, physical (chemistry or physics), social or behavioral sciences in order to meet the certification requirements of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association.

The CSD Minor as listed above replaces the previous CSD Minor effective Fall 2019. Students already enrolled in the CSD Minor may complete their program as planned. Students who have already completed CSD 300 Audiology and Aural Rehabilitation are not eligible to register for CSD 311 Introduction to Audiology or CSD 312 Aural Rehabilitation. Please contact Dr. Jill Dolata for individual advising.