Careers & Outcomes | Computer Science

After Pacific | Pacific’s computer science students accept positions in a variety of professional settings, as well as enter graduate programs. Many students choose to extend their learning through internships at government research labs or technology companies. You will find our graduates working at leading companies like Google, Microsoft and WebMD, starting their own companies, developing mobile applications and consulting.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding of computation and programming.
  • Apply strategies for abstract problem solving
  • Discuss the theoretical basis of the mathematics and symbolic concepts that underlie computing.
  • Apply knowledge through the design and implementation of a large scale computer application.
  • Be able to communicate in a collaborative environment, present ideas, and document work at all stages of software development.
  • Identify the skills necessary to become a lifelong learner in the rapidly changing field of computer science.

Program Purpose

The computer science program at Pacific University is characterized by small classes, close interaction with the faculty, and a deep yet broad curriculum rarely encountered at a small university. To prepare students for a discipline that is constantly changing, the curriculum integrates a variety of programming languages in a manner that emphasizes a thorough understanding of language structure. The student experience culminates with a two-semester software engineering capstone sequence that results in a substantial piece of original software. The confidence and knowledge gained from the program allows each student to pursue either a graduate education in computer science or immediate employment with such industry leaders as Intel, Microsoft and Google.

The computer science program maintains common goals for all of its students (majors, minors, and others). Students in our courses learn strategies for abstract problem solving, gain a basic understanding of computers and the broad implications of their use and have the opportunity to hone their computational skills.