Infection Monitoring & Prevention | COVID-19

COVID rates at Pacific University

The Pacific University community reported no active cases of COVID-19 the week of June 21-27.

Testing & Monitoring

Pacific University continues to monitor incidences of COVID-19, along with other infectious diseases, on our campuses.

The university will continue COVID-19 testing for those at high risk, including unvaccinated individuals, and for those who experience symptoms of COVID-19. Isolation and contact tracing protocols will remain in place for any positive cases of COVID-19.

Symptom Monitoring

Students and employees are encouraged to continue monitoring their own health — both in relation to COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses — to help keep our communities healthy.

Depending on your program, you may be asked to track your symptoms on a regular basis using the Datos symptom monitoring app.

We also strongly urge all students and employees to stay home when ill, or to at least wear a face mask if you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, like a cold. The days of “toughing it out” are over — please keep our community well!


Though research indicates that COVID-19 is rarely spread through surfaces, Pacific maintains a thorough cleaning protocol for campus facilities. Bathrooms are sanitized daily, and high-touch areas are cleaned frequently. Additionally, hand sanitizer stations will remain available throughout campus facilities to encourage frequent handwashing.