Campus Spaces | COVID-19

Adjustments have been made to campus spaces to encourage physical distancing and create environmental controls to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Please follow posted directional signage on Pacific campuses.

  • Face coverings/masks are required in all campus spaces, with the exception of individual residence hall rooms.
  • Traffic flow has been altered in most buildings to create one-way foot traffic. 
  • Some furnishings have been moved or blocked off to maintain six-foot distancing in common spaces.
  • Elevators are restricted to a maximum of two passengers, wearing face masks.

The following is an overview of modifications made to Pacific’s learning spaces and protocols. More comprehensive details can be found in each college’s return to campus protocol documents.


While Pacific’s home counties are in Phase 1 of state reopening guidelines, class size is limited to no more than 25, including instructors. Classes larger than 25 students will either be taught online or broken into smaller sections. Class size limits may increase to 50 if the campus’s home county moves to Phase 2. Pacific will follow the guidelines of the Oregon Health Authority and Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Classrooms and lecture halls have been reconfigured to maintain six-foot distancing among students and families. Every classroom has a COVID Capacity marked. Classrooms are equipped to allow synchronous streaming of courses to students unable to attend class in person. Faculty are expected to wipe surfaces they touch with provided cleaning supplies.

Clinical Instruction

Class size may be extended to 50 for clinical health professions skills and assessments that cannot be conducted remotely. 

Programs with clinical services provided on campus will have specific PPE guidance. 

Laboratory instruction or demonstration of clinical skills without physical contact will require six feet of distance between individuals and enhanced cleaning before and after sessions.

Patient simulations, clinical skills practice, or laboratory instruction in close quarters or with physical contact require infection control practices and PPE, as well as enhanced cleaning before and after each session.

Studios & Labs

Art, dance, theatre and laboratory spaces and practices will be modified to ensure physical distancing. Doors will be propped open for ventilation. Material and supply sharing will be limited, and any common materials will be cleaned between each use.

Computer Labs

Some stations have been closed to ensure physical distancing, and desktop plexi-barriers are available to separate students. Computers will be kept on, so that multiple people do not touch on/off buttons. Keyboards and mic will be covered in molded latex covers or disposable sleeves for easy disinfection. Students will be responsible for wiping down keyboards and mice at the beginning of each new class session. Students also may bring their own keyboards and mice. Lab software will be made available, as possible, to students unable to visit the labs in person.

Additional Spaces

Pacific has leased space at Theatre in the Grove, adjacent to campus, to offer in-person classes in larger spaces.

Tents are being placed on campus to accommodate outdoor, physically distanced space for students to eat and study.

The Cawein Gallery in Scott Hall will be used as additional study and eating space.

Public Service Points

Offices and units that provide public customer service will be modified for physical distancing, environmental controls and cleaning. Find details of public service point guidelines.