COVID-19 Response Teams

University leadership, faculty and staff are working diligently on comprehensive plans through a wide variety of task forces and planning groups.

Pacific University COVID-19 Response Matrix

Guiding Principles

In all we do, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Follow the guidance of the Oregon Health Authority, Higher Education Coordinating Commission and U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention for conduct of in-person instruction, residential and research activities.
  • Reduce potential exposure to the novel coronavirus and other respiratory pathogens through:
    • Physical distancing
    • Hand hygiene
    • Cohort activities
    • Protective equipment
    • Environmental cleaning and disinfection
    • Isolation or quarantine or sick or exposed individuals as needed
    • Recognizing outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities
  • Adjust delivery of academic content as appropriate for each program within a school or college.
  • Apply an equity lens to ensure success for all constituents.
  • With empathy, compassion and an eye toward successful outcomes, utilize available options to provide a flexible working and learning environment.