Information for Students & Families

The health, safety and wellbeing of our students drives our decision-making.

When to Stay Home

Students who are feeling ill and/or exhibiting flu-like symptoms should stay home — and can be sent home.

In particular, a fever may be a sign of coronavirus or the flu. Typically, people who have the flu need to stay home four to five days after the onset of symptoms. Do not return to work until you are fever-free — without fever-suppressing medications — for 24 hours.

Please report any coronavirus-like symptoms on our illness survey so that we can continue to monitor the health of our Pacific community.

Any unexpected changes to Pacific University operations will be communicated through email, this website, and Boxer Alerts, as in an inclement weather event.

How to Get Care

If you do experience flu-like symptoms, call or email your primary healthcare provider or the Student Health Center. Do not walk into a clinic with symptoms. Your doctor can advise you if you need medication or treatment. Please reserve visits to Urgent Care and Emergency Room facilities for emergencies only. 

If news about COVID-19 is causing an increase in anxiety, hopelessness or isolation, we have structures in place to help you attend to your mental health. Students can connect with the Student Counseling Center.

— Updated March 25, 2020