Online Instruction Resources

Pacific University will transition to virtual or distance education no later than April 1. Please find below links to resources to help optimize this experience.

Zoom Access

All Pacific University employees now have paid host licenses for Zoom. To access, you must log into with your PUNetID and password. The paid host licenses are not available from without the pacificu extension. There will be no charge to departments for the additional licenses. 

To get started:

  1. Log into with your PUNetID and password.
  2. Go to Meetings > Schedule a New Meeting. 
  3. Create the recurring meeting that encompasses all of your sessions of this class.
  4. Everything else in the meeting creation can be left on default settings unless you have a reason to change it.
  5. After the meeting is created, click on "Copy the invitation," and copy and paste the provided text into an email to students.
  6. If you don’t already have a means of emailing your students, you can quickly and easily create a Google Group.
  7. Encourage students to connect to Zoom at least 15 minutes before the first class session so they can test their speakers, microphones and webcams.
  8. On the day of class, you may want to ask students to mute themselves, or you can mute them via the Participants menu.
  9. If any students do not have microphones or webcams (but can still see and hear you) ask them to use the chat feature to communicate with you.
  10. If you want to share a PowerPoint or other presentation, click Share at the bottom of the screen.

The Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation (CETCI) also offers this more detailed guide for instructors to get started.  

Center for Educational Technology and Curricular Innovation

CETCI has prepared a tools and guides to help faculty manage the transition.

The center will offer a series of workshops for faculty to learn more about the tools this month.