Learning Outcomes | Creative Writing

After Pacific | Graduates of Pacific University’s creative writing program are prepared to enter a wide range of professional fields. Employers in virtually every sector give high regard to the fact that writing graduates have spent four years analyzing texts, sharpening their critical thinking skills, and crafting first-rate essays. Recent graduates have gone into publishing, writing for large and small businesses, law school, and health sciences programs. and others teach at high school and university levels.

Student Learning Outcomes

The English Department teaches students to develop the following skills, which are relevant to most contemporary careers:

  • Develop working knowledge of the principal works, authors, genres, and periods of American and British literatures.
  • Possess an awareness of alternatively defined traditions and/or genres, such as women’s literature, postcolonial literature, world literature, or Native American literature.
  • Understand texts in their cultural and historical contexts.
  • Demonstrate coherent writing in multiple genres (literary analysis and creative writing) as well as an awareness of critical and interpretive methods.
  • Analyze literature using appropriate terminology and common rhetorical figures.
  • Demonstrate judicious use of secondary material and appropriate documentation.
  • Demonstrate awareness of different critical approaches.
  • Perform competent close readings of texts.

Program Purpose

The English Department offers students guidance in acquiring and developing the skills of interpretation, critical thinking, and clear writing. For students choosing to specialize in literature or creative writing, the curriculum offers the opportunity to engage the literary traditions of Britain and the United States, as well as world literatures, and to enter into the theory and practice of literature itself.