International Programs & Training

Student Teach in New Zealand

Pacific University's Student Teach in New Zealand program is a practicum experience for pre-service and practicing teachers who are seeking a teaching experience in another culture. New Zealand is particularly noted for its leadership in literacy instruction, and Pt England School is recognized for its exemplary use of technology as part of its Learn, Create, Share framework for learning.

Students who are completing their Early Childhood/Elementary (ECE/ELEM) multiple-subject authorization will student-teach for two or three weeks at Pt England School, a public decile 1A (low SES) school of 650 Maori and Pasifika students (other Pacific islands, notably Samoa and Tonga). Students who are completing their MS/HS single-subject authorization will student teach for two or three weeks at Tamaki College, a secondary school serving the same population of students in New Zealand. Both Pt England School and Tamaki College are part of the Manaiakalani Trust, a cluster of 11 public decile 1A primary and secondary schools in Auckland that are working together to retool school to make it engaging, empowering and successful for all students.

Ecuadorian Culture and Systems of Education

This two-week teaching practicum in Ecuadorian culture is hosted by the Andean Center for Latin American Studies (ACLAS) in Quito, Ecuador. ACLAS arranges home-stays, cultural events and trips, and provides classes. Pacific faculty members accompany students on the trip. Quito is a beautiful city of culture, tradition, development, and contrast. Seamlessly combining history and the modern age, Quito provides a cosmopolitan atmosphere where a number of races, cultures, myths and legends are united to create a rich identity. Quito is a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site and the equator runs right through the city.

Teach in Mexico

Pacific University's Teach in Mexico program is a practicum experience for pre-service and practicing teachers who are seeking a teaching experience in another culture. The goal of the program is to help teachers understand the transitions that Mexican children make in public schools, as well as to provide an opportunity for our teachers to explore their own assumptions about the culturally diverse children they could well be teaching in the future.

Seminar on Globalization: Africa’s Experience in Kenya

This is a multidisciplinary, two-week seminar on globalization led by the faculty of Egerton University, in Njoro Kenya. A PhD-granting institution near Nakuru, Egerton was founded in the 1930s as an agricultural college by Lord Egerton on his estate in the “White Highlands” of Central Kenya. Attaining full university status in the 1960s, Egerton currently hosts about 8,000 students and features a large, secure campus and an adjoining 3,000 acres of teaching farmland.

Cultural and Language Immersion or Student Teaching in Santiago, Chile

At Pacific University, students have the opportunity to participate in a cultural immersion program or complete a three-, nine-, or 15-week student teaching practicum experience at The International School Nido de Aguilas or Santiago College in Santiago, Chile, through the University of the Andes. While in Santiago, students will be immersed in Spanish language acquisition in the community and at homestays, participate in service learning projects with students who may have limited educational opportunities, and engage in cultural experiences. The cultural immersion and student teaching experiences in Chile assist students in understanding and applying concepts and theories of first and second language acquisition, not only for themselves, but also for the children in the Chilean schools. Students will also experience firsthand the role of culture and cultural identity in constructing community learning environments, an understanding readily applied to American classroom settings.

Curriculum varies by program. Please see the individual pages for details.