Foreign Language Teaching Assistant | French

Pacific University has hosted Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) since 1994.  Over the years.  FLTAs have come from such countries as Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, China, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Taiwan, Tunesia, and Uruguay.  FLTAs assist in language classes, tutor, facilitate language conversation tables, and organize cultural events on and off campus.  They also make themselves available for public presentations about their cultures and enrich campus life with their international perspectives. 

Maïté Choteau is the FLTA for the French program at Pacific University

French Program Foreign Language Teaching Assistant


My name is Maïté (that would be pronounced “ma-ee-tay”) and I’m from Lille, a quite big city in the North of France, near Belgium. I am the French TA for this year and am really happy to bring my culture and language to Pacific University.

So far my experiences have been very diverse and I’m glad I will be able to share it all with you. In the past I have studied bakery, cinema, fashion design, international business and languages.

This is not the first time I’ve lived in a foreign country and I am impatient to discover yet another culture and I’m sure you will be able to contribute to that by sharing your customs and habits.

Bring your energy and smiles to the cultural nights and conversation tables I will be hosting and come enjoy nice events with the French Club!

For any questions or if you would just like to speak French, or even just share cultural differences, send me an email, I’ll be happy to answer!

-- Maïté  |  FLTA for the French Program