Education and Learning Authorization Licensure Options | Academic Advising Handbook

In addition to the classes required for the Education and Learning major, students pursuing Authorization Licensure Options take the following core and the courses listed for either Multiple subject (Elementary Education) or Special Education.

Professional Courses for Education & Learning Major Early Childhood/Elementary School Authorization Licensure Option and Special Education Option

EDUC-309 Learning Communities II: Diversity 2
EDUC-436 Technology Across the Curriculum 2
EDUC-476 Learning Communities III: Reflection & Practice 2
Total 6

Multiple Subjects Endorsement 

EDUC-431 Integrated Methods I: General Methods, Assessment, and Classroom Management 2
EDUC-408 Integrated Methods II: Reading and Language Arts in Early Childhood and Elementary Education 4
EDUC-343 Integrate Methods III: Teaching Mathematics, Science and Health in Early Childhood and Elementary Education 4
EDUC-410 Integrated Methods IV: Expressive Arts in Early Childhood Education 2
EDUC-397 Field Experience 1

EDUC-411 Diffentiation &  Collaboration in the Inclusive Classroom

EDUC-459 Preparing the Work Sample 2
EDUC-475 Student Teaching* 12
Total 27

Special Education Endorsement

SPED 300 Foundations and Legal Aspects of Special Education 2
SPED 305 Exceptionalities 2
SPED 310 Classroom & Behavior Management for Special Educators 4
SPED 320 Assessment & Evaluation in Special Education: Academic 2

SPED 330 Integrated Curriculum & Methods for Students with Disabilities: Academic


SPED 332 Integrated Curriculum & Methods for Students with Disabilities: Language Arts


SPED 335 Integrated Curriculum & Methods for Students with Disabilities: Functional

SPED 336 Transition 1
SPED 342 Assistive Technology 2
EDUC-397 Field Experience 2
SPED 420 Assessment and Evaluation in SPED 3
SPED 475 Student Teaching* 12
Total 35


Education & Learning: ECE/Elem Major Education & Learning: SPED Major
Total: 66-67 credits Total: 75 Credits