Learning Outcomes | Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology

After Pacific | Students who complete environmental science program with an emphasis on chemistry and toxicology have the necessary prerequisites to apply to Pacific’s School of Pharmacy and are sought by graduate programs in toxicology and chemistry.

Many go on to become pharmacists. Others go on to work for government agencies — such as the Environmental Protection Agency and other monitoring agencies — or environmental consulting and cleanup firms as well as other types of private-sector employers.

Student Learning Outcomes

A student completing a major in Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology shall demonstrate the ability to:

  • Synthesize and apply concepts from multiple sub-disciplines in environmental chemistry and toxicology.
  • Use technical and analytical skills to quantify the level and effects of xenobiotics in environmental compartments (air, water, soil, biota).
  • Identify relationships between chemical exposure and effects on physiological systems and design strategies for study of dose-response relationships.
  • Effectively understand and convey scientific material from peer-reviewed sources.
  • Conduct an individual research project within the university of other appropriate setting.