Advising for Exercise Science Minors

Exercise Science also offers two minors (Human Movement Studies and Exercise Science) that in many ways parallel the EXMB and EXIP paths. Given prerequisite sequences and frequency of offerings, student must begin work fairly early on and plan ahead.

Human Movement Studies Minor

  • EXMB 200 Exercise Science Foundations
  • EXMB 335 Psychosocial Factors in ExSci
  • EXIP 281 Nutrition
  • EXIP 365 Perceptual Motor Learning
  • 12 additional credits from EXIP or EXMB. Other courses may be possible via student petition pending departmental approval. 

Exercise Science Minor

  • EXMB 200 Exercise Science Foundations
  • BIOL 200 Flow of Energy (w/ Lab) or BIOL 201 Flow of Information (w/ Lab)
  • HBIO 230 & 231 Human Anatomy & Physiology I & II

Take 3 of the following:

  • EXIP 281 Nutrition
  • EXIP 345 Biomechanics with Lab
  • EXIP 365 Perceptual Motor Learning
  • EXIP 385 Exercise Physiology
  • EXIP 355 Psychosocial Issues in ExSci