Guidelines Regarding Direct Deposits of Your Paycheck

All employees eligible for a payroll payment may elect to accept that payment through direct deposit.

To enroll in the direct deposit program, you must complete the Payroll Authorization form and attach a voided check or a document from your financial institution with your routing and account number. Direct deposit will begin on the next available pay date.

The bank account to receive the employee's pay must conform to the following:

  • The account must be in the name of the employee.
  • It must directly participate in the NACHA direct deposit system.
  • The account must be in a United States bank.

To cancel your direct deposit, you must submit a Payroll Authorization form notifying the Payroll department in writing of the cancelation by the first of any month. If an employee terminates, the employee may be paid by a manual check instead of direct deposit.

A direct deposit that is rejected by the bank because an employee's account is closed will cause an automatic withdrawal from the direct deposit program. A manual check will have to be issued to replace the direct deposit funds returned from the bank causing a delay in payment. Re-enrollment may be completed by the next enrollment period.

Direct deposits are accepted for savings and checking accounts ONLY. Deductions for loans are not available. Please make arrangements with your bank to have these deducted from your savings or checking accounts.