Advising Handbook for Film Studies

MEDA 250 is a prerequisite for many of the other MEDA courses listed here. Film studies courses are offered across campus from different departments

Requirements for the Minor

Choose three from:

  • MEDA 302 Documentary: Studies and Practice 4 credits
  • MEDA 303 Experimental Studies and Practice 4 credits
  • MEDA 304 Contemporary Explorations in Video 4 credits
  • MEDA 306 Animation: Studies and Practice 4 credits
  • MEDA 353 Video for Community Engagement 4 credits
  • MEDA 434 Mass Media Law and Ethics 4 credits

Or any approved course(s) offered by other departments including, but not limited to, English, Politics and Government, and World Languages. Courses must be approved by Film/Video Professor Jennifer Hardacker.

Total: 24 credits