Fall COVID Disruption Grants

Pacific University recognizes the many ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted students’ campus experience this year. We are grateful for and impressed by our students’ resilience and determination to succeed despite the pandemic. 

In recognition of the disruption to the student experience and in gratitude for students’ adherence to campus COVID protocols, we are pleased to provide each full-time Pacific student with a one-time $500 grant. 

Grants will be applied automatically to student accounts by the end of fall quarter. Students will see the grant on their accounts labeled “COVID-19 Disruption Grant.”  Grants may be applied to any expense included as part of a student’s cost of attendance. 

If your question is not answered here, please contact the Financial Aid Office at FinancialAid@pacificu.edu.

Does this grant apply to graduate/professional students as well as undergraduate students?

Yes, this grant will be applied to the accounts of graduate and undergraduate students with certain exceptions:

  • Excludes SGP Internship Only Students 
  • Excludes Music Therapy Internship Students 
  • Excludes PhD Grad Continuation Students 
  • Excludes any student (UG or Grad) who receives institutional funding through Pacific University that is equal to or greater than the student’s tuition charges

When will I get my grant?

In order to qualify for the grant, students must be enrolled full time for Fall Semester 2020. We will check all students’ full-time status after relevant add/drop periods close and then post the grants to students’ Business Office accounts. Eligible students can expect to see the grant on their account by the end of fall semester.  If the grant creates a credit balance on the student’s account, the grant will be refunded to the student. For students who have signed up with the Business Office for direct deposit, funds will be electronically deposited to the student’s bank account; otherwise, a check will be issued to the student. Students can sign up for direct deposit with the Business Office via their BoxerOnline account.

Will I be notified if I am eligible for this grant?

Yes. The Financial Aid Office will begin adding grants to students’ accounts after eligibility has been confirmed. Once grants are ready to disburse to students’ accounts, the Financial Aid Office will send a confirmation email to each eligible student.

Are these grants part of the Federal CARES Act funding?

No. Pacific was awarded funding under the Federal CARES Act in the Spring of 2020. Students who were enrolled full-time on March 13, 2020, received a portion of those funds last spring. All Federal CARES ACT Student Emergency Funds have been distributed. The COVID-19 Disruption Grants are funded by Pacific University and are not part of any federal or state program. 

If I am enrolled part-time in fall 2020, will I get this grant?

No. The COVID-19 Disruption Grant will be applied to the accounts of full-time students only. 

Will getting this grant affect my other financial aid?

The COVID-19 Disruption Grant may affect a student’s eligibility for other federal and institutional need-based financial aid.  If the COVID-19 Disruption Grant affects your other financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will make the appropriate adjustments at the time the grant is awarded and you will see those adjustments on your BoxerOnline Financial Aid Self Service account