Hilda Fine Gerontology Scholarship Fund

The Hilda Fine Gerontology Scholarship Fund was established in honor of Dr. Linda Hunt’s grandmother, Hilda Fine.

Because of Hilda’s kindness, caring nature, intelligence, independence, and determination, Linda has developed a love of older people. Hilda died when Linda was 7 years old and the devotion of a grandmother is still dearly missed.

Hilda Fine

Hilda would bake treats for Linda every Friday night, which included challah, kamish bread, and other cookies with recipes brought over from the “old country.” Hilda also crocheted cherished handkerchiefs as presents for Linda. Most importantly, Hilda inspired in Linda a lifelong love of birds, providing bread to feed the birds in her backyard.

Linda idolized Hilda’s beauty, her fine white hair always worn in a bun. Because Linda wanted to age like Hilda, Linda has embraced aging and has learned through research that growing up with a positive attitude about aging adds an average of seven years to one’s life compared to those who fear the process. Hilda Fine has given Linda seven more years of life.

Hilda came to the United States from her native Lithuania where she managed the family independently for seven years under threats of pogroms and violence while her husband traveled to find work in the U.S. In the U.S. he earned money for the rest of the family to eventually join him. To avoid persecution in many parts of Eastern Europe, Hilda undertook a long, easterly journey with her two young children across all of Russia, through Manchuria, to Hawaii and San Francisco before reaching their final destination of St. Louis. This journey endured many stages as the family had to wait until additional money arrived to fund travel to the next destination. Hilda lived independently all her life. At 88 years of age, she attempted to climb into an apartment window because the house door was locked. She fell and never recovered from a hip fracture. Upon Hilda’s passing, Linda sought out older adults as a replacement for her beloved grandmother and hence, developed a love for the elderly population as she spent time in their company.

The focus of the gerontology program at Pacific University is to educate healthcare professionals to provide humane and best practice care to their aging clients. Each client may be a beloved grandparent of a young child, as Hilda was to Linda.


Distributions from the Hilda Fine Gerontology Scholarship Fund shall be used to support healthcare professionals who make significant contributions to the quality of life for older adults. Applicants must excel academically, exhibit exceptional leadership potential, and report how they are using their education to better serve the elderly.

The uses and expenditures of this fund shall be consistent with the policies and procedures of Pacific University. Recipients will be chosen by an awards committee (made up of two program faculty members and donors will not be involved in selection of recipients) and award distributions from this Fund shall be administered by the director of Financial Aid or his/her designee(s).

How to Give

Clearly indicate the gift is in support of the Hilda Fine Endowed Gerontology Fund.

Checks should be made payable to Pacific University. Include in memo line: Hilda Fine Endowed Gerontology Scholarship Fund.

Mail to:

Pacific University
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