Theatre & Applied Theatre Scholarships

Students who plan to participate in Theatre or Applied Theatre while at Pacific may apply for Talent Scholarships. Students awarded these scholarships will receive up to $7,000 each year for four years at Pacific, provided they declare a major or minor in Theatre or Applied Theatre. Students applying to Pacific as freshmen or transfer students are eligible for these scholarships.

Passionate about theatre? Consider applying for a scholarship to pursue your art at Pacific University!

How to Apply

Submit an application here, including your resume.

Interview and Audition Procedures

Following the submission of your application, you will be contacted to set up a 20-minute appointment time. In-person and remote appointments are available from December through February. We recommend that you request an appointment soon, as they fill up!

Prepare an audition or presentation as follows:

  • For performers: a memorized 1-2-minute monologue from any play, contemporary or classical. Performers are welcome but not required to prepare a second monologue. If you prepare a second monologue, it should contrast with the first in some way. (See FAQs)
  • For other theatre artists (directors, designers, stage managers, playwrights): a 3-4 minute prepared talk about any of your best work; feel free to bring illustrative materials, such as photos or playwriting samples. Directors, playwrights, designers, stage managers are welcome but not required to present a monologue as well.

FAQs about Theatre/Applied Theatre Talent Scholarships:

Q. How competitive is this process?
A. We have a lot of applicants every year, and are able to award scholarships to about 60% of them. These are not always people with extensive resumes! What we’re looking for is commitment, preparation, and passion. If Theatre is an important part of your life, we encourage you to apply!

Q. I’m not sure whether I want to major or minor in Theatre. Is it OK to declare a minor and then change to a major, or vice-versa?
A. Absolutely.

Q. How big a commitment is a Theatre minor?
A. These minors run 22-24 credits, or the equivalent of one course and one production per year. If you believe you’ll be involved with Theatre at this level during college, you are in a good position to apply.

Q. What are you looking for in the monologue?
A. Most of all, we want to see YOU: who you are, what kind of material appeals to you, how you understand acting. Also, it’s very likely that we’ll work with you a little after we see your monologue; this doesn’t mean you did anything wrong—in fact, it probably means we found your work exciting!

Q. I know it’s optional, but I’d like to prepare a second monologue. What do you mean by “contrast?”
A. “Contrast” can mean anything that shows a different side of you than the first piece. It could be style, language, period, tone, staging . . . almost anything that lets you show us something different.