Theatre & Applied Theatre Scholarships

Students who plan to participate in Theatre or Applied Theatre while at Pacific may apply for Talent Scholarships. Students awarded these scholarships will receive up to $7,000 each year for four years at Pacific, provided they declare a major or minor in Theatre or Applied Theatre. Students applying to Pacific as freshmen or transfer students are eligible for these scholarships.

Passionate about theatre? Consider applying for a scholarship to pursue your art at Pacific University!

How to Apply

Download the Instructions (PDF) to learn how to apply for the scholarship. You will find all information about what to submit and how to prepare for your audition or interview on the Instructions page.

Interview and Audition Procedures

Auditions/interviews can be scheduled from November through early March, though we recommend you contact us soon for an appointment! To schedule a performance audition or production portfolio interview, please see instructions here. If you have questions, contact at any time.

New this year: PLAYWRIGHTS, please click on the Instructions link to read about how to submit a writing sample.