World Languages Talent Award

The Department of World Languages and Literature offers talent awards to students with demonstrated interest and outstanding language skills in SpanishJapaneseFrenchGerman, and Chinese.  This award is especially suited to students who plan to enroll in language courses and be active in world language and culture activities while at Pacific, and who demonstrate a a history of language, literature and culture study in high school.

The Awards

Talent awards of $2500 are awarded for SpanishJapaneseFrenchGerman, and Chinese. Awards are renewable for all four years of study, provided that students are enrolled in language and culture courses or demonstrate active participation in language and culture related activities each semester.


All students must have applied and been admitted to Pacific in order to compete for the World Language Talent Award. All students, regardless of their intended major or minor, are eligible to compete for a language award. 

  • Eligible students may be non-native, heritage or native speakers of the language for which the award is granted.
  • Students may compete in more than one language, but may receive an award in one language only.  
  • Recipients are not required to major in the language.

The Competition

The World Language Talent Award competition consists of three parts: an online language exam, an online application, and an online oral interview. Heritage, native, and non-native students' proficiency will be judged separately.

Part 1: Online Language Placement Test

The language test is a web-based test of reading, writing, and speaking that can be taken anywhere, anytime without supervision.  It is the same placement test that all incoming students are required to take prior to advising and registration for courses and provides your initial course placement for language study at Pacific. 

There is no need to study for the Placement test.  It is meant to assess your language skills in their current state. While it is important to give your best effort, no dictionaries, websites or other supplemental help are allowed.  Using outside help to boost your score will not improve your chances in the WLTA competition, and may cause you to be placed in a language course beyond your abilities.  The faculty interview will validate the correct result of your Placement Test score.  Please complete the WLTA online language test by February 18, 2022.  Here is the placement test website.

Part 2: The Application

Following the completion of your language test, please complete the World Language Talent Award Application. This application will ask you for some general information, and a few short answer questions regarding your experience with language learning. Following the completion of this application, please get in touch with your respective faculty member to set up your oral interview. Complete this application by February 18th. 

Part 3: Oral Interview

After completing the online placement test, please contact the appropriate faculty member (see list below) to set up a 15-20 minute oral interview in which you will discuss (in the target language) your interests and general topics of conversation. You need to complete the interview by March 1, 2022, so please email the faculty member to set up the interview by no later than February 18, 2022. The interview is a great opportunity to get to know one of our language faculty and to ask any questions you might have about language and culture study at Pacific.  Here is the list of faculty interviewers:

Feel free to contact Nancy Christoph, Chair of the Department of World Languages and Literature at if you have any questions or concerns regarding the World Language Talent Award competition.



Talent Award Renewal

To renew your WLTA scholarship, you should arrange a meeting with a scholarship mentor during your advising period each semester with a professor for the language you are studying at Pacific to satisfy the requirements of your award.

Requirements for Renewal

Grades: B average (3.0) or above in language and culture classes.

Courses:  4 or more credits per year in language or related classes

Examples of qualifying classes include:

  • all classes with a language prefix:  CHIN, FREN, GERM, JAPN, SPAN
  • WORL 325
  • WORL 365
  • HUM 255/355 “Culinary Tour of France”
  • HUM 207 “German Film in English”
  • HUM 255/355 "Intro to US-Latino/a Studies"
  • HUM 255 "The World of Japanese Animation"
  • HUM 213 "Intro to Japanese Literature"
  • HUM 351 "Traditional Theater of East Asia"
  • HUM 255 "Japan, Asia and World"
  • HUM 204 "Chinese Cultural Study”
  • Study Abroad: semester or year
  • Other language and culture courses as approved by the WorLL Faculty

Leadership in Languages Activities: Demonstrated participation and leadership in language and culture activities. 

Example activities include:

  • Study abroad
  • Work as a CLIC Language Ambassador
  • Tutor and mentor in a language (Worll 325)
  • Liaison between community and classroom learning
  • Language night leadership role
  • Language table leadership role
  • Club activity leadership or organizational role
  • Assistant Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) with activities
  • Presenter for Languages in Motion (LIM)
  • Participant, presenter, or co-presenter with faculty member at language conference
  • Research assistant to faculty member