Foreign Language Teaching Assistant | French

Bonjour à tous !

FLTA Paul Rebrassier

My name is Paul and I am from Mulhouse, a lovely city in Alsace, in eastern France. I was born and raised in Mulhouse, and studied there from kindergarten to college!
I majored in technological studies and digital marketing, and worked as a web editor. I also have tutored 2nd to 9th grade students in Math and French, as well as a group of teenagers who were getting prepared to take a Cambridge language test.

I enjoy hiking, road cycling and water-polo, a sport that I played competitively for several years.

I have been really passionate about the United States since I started taking English lessons and fell in love with the language, back in 6th grade! I visited the country twice (in the Mid-Atlantic region and Iowa) and I loved to discover new places and the local lifestyle. France can’t be just described as the country where Paris is located, as it is really diverse in terms of landscapes, food, regional languages or dialects, and in many other aspects. For instance, Alsace’s architecture and local dialect has heavy Germanic influences, while different parts of southern France have a really different feel (the picture was taken during a vacation there). I am eager to be a representative of French culture, and will gladly talk to you about my home country.

I hope to meet you soon, and I am excited to learn about Oregon and your culture!

Paul Rebrassier

Paul | FLTA for the French Program