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Marwane Bouhadi

Bonjour !

I am Marwane from France. Marwane doesn’t really sound French for you and it is natural. Indeed, my father is Moroccan and my mother is French. During my childhood I spent most of my summer holidays in Morocco, where half of my family live. It might be the beginning of my desire of traveling, experiencing something different from my home. Then, my time abroad in Quebec, Norway and Ireland shaped my desire for discovering new areas on my own.

I grew up in La Rochelle, a medium-sized city located on the Altantic coast, not far from Bordeaux (just two hours drive). It is a perfect city for studying. The city has more than 10,000 students each year. I graduated with a  law degree there, then, I got a master degree in public law last year.

I’m passionate about football (I mean soccer !) and music. I have been playing soccer in club since I was 8. I support, of course, the French national team (Les Bleus!). Besides soccer, I have been playing guitar as well  for 6 years in different bands.

If you are interested in learning French or learning more about  French culture, you are more than welcome to come by the French cultural night or to sit down with us during conversation tables. You can contact me via e-mail and join the French Club to be updated about all the events and opportunities we offer here at Pacific University.

A+ !

Marwane Bouhadi

Marwane Boudahi |  FLTA for the French Program