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Salut tout le monde!

Lola FLTAI am Lola, I am from France and more precisely from Brittany.

Basically, Brittany is the French version of Oregon: it is located in the North-West of the country, right by the ocean and it rains  a lot. I spent all my childhood in a small city called Quimperlé and all my college years in a bigger city called Rennes, still in Brittany.

I am passionate about language and culture, and that is why I decided to pursue an Italian degree, during which, I learnt a lot about History, Literature, Translation, Art History and Linguistics: basically, everything that is related to Italy and the Italian language. Additionally, I also started learning Mandarin in this time. Having a passion for language, for me, is another way of saying how much I love to travel.

I spent six months in Italy in order to finish my degree and then I

decided to be a French language assistant in Spain. I spent two years in Spain teaching my own language and, at the same time, practicing Spanish and English (Americans love Spain!).

I am a very curious person, I love all kinds of cultural activities : going to museums, visiting monuments, watching movies, attending concerts, and going to restaurants (which is probably my favorite one, by the way).

I am looking forward to meeting new people, sharing my culture, and especially learning about the culture of others.

I hope to see you guys soon!


Lola Le Doeuff

Lola| FLTA for the French Program