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Bonjour à toutes et à tous !

My name is Manon and I come from France, more specifically from South-East France. It may sound rather vague to say that I am from « South-East » but it is only because I am not from just one place in France. I grew up in the mountains, in a little town called Gap (yes, just like the store!) which is located in the French Alps. Yet, my entire family is living on the Mediterranean Sea coast, between Toulon and Saint-Raphaël. As you can imagine, I spent most of my summer holidays on the Côte d’Azur but also in Corsica (a little island south of France) from where some of my family members are. I am pretty sure that all these places where I have been splitting my lifetime so far, aroused my curiosity and made me eager to make new discoveries!

I followed this desire after graduating high school and pursued my studies far from the mountains I knew. I have had the opportunity to study Jazz in an international music school in Paris for two years, where I also graduated with my first psychology degree. Then, I studied in Aix-en-Provence and Marseille and I graduated with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology last year. If someday you are looking for a city where to study abroad in France, I highly recommend going to Aix-en-Provence if you ever have the chance! It is both a very typical southern city where it is pleasant to live with a cultural wealth, and a very diverse and important student-city (more than 25,000 students!).

Although music is really what I am passionate about, I also like sport a lot. I practiced European handball for many years and I have to say that one of my best memories is when my high school team and I, won the French National Championship. As well, having grown up in the Alps, a winter without snow is not a real winter to me, which is why I also enjoy skiing a lot.

I will be pleased to talk with you about France and its culture throughout this year, answer your questions and help you with your French if you are interested in learning the language! Feel free to come to and enjoy the French Nights, practice your French during the conversation tables or join the French Club to have some good times “à la française”.

See you soon on campus!

Manon Manicacci

Manon Manicacci| FLTA for the French Program