Teaching Associates | Master of Fine Arts in Writing

Graduates studying in Pacific’s MFA in Writing program may apply to teach undergraduates on Pacific University’s campus in Forest Grove, Oregon. Teaching associates receive a financial award of approximately $3000 to instruct a semester-long college composition or introductory creative writing course.

All students who have been in the MFA in writing program for more than two semesters are invited to apply for these positions. Selections are made based upon the quality of the application and the writing and teaching background of the applicant.

These positions promote expertise in the teaching of college-level writing and give our graduate students the opportunity to hone their instructional skills. Pacific’s small, welcoming campus with its intense focus on liberal arts is an ideal location for graduates to share their knowledge and devotion to the craft of writing.

Please contact Shelley Washburn, director of the MFA in Writing, at washburn@pacificu.edu or 503-352-1532 for deadlines and descriptions of current awards.