Student Learning Outcomes | Master of Science in Finance

With a curriculum based in fundamental quantitative, accounting, and finance principles, the Master of Science in Finance (MSF) program provides students with finance knowledge and skills. Successful graduates of the MSF program will be able to:

  • Apply econometric techniques to finance data and present the essentials of econometric theory to set up pricing models to support investment decisions and financing decisions.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application ability of fixed income valuation and hedging methods, including duration, convexity, yield curve models, bonds embedded with options, and other fixed income derivatives.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application ability of securities markets, examining the valuation of securities, and modern portfolio management.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and application ability of forwards, futures, swaps and options pricing, the management of risk arising from the volatility of exchange rates, interest rates and commodity and equity prices.
  • Explore the comprehensive in-house corporate finance and out-of-house investments solutions.
  • Build the vision of the complete financing process and be prepared for the gap between buy sides and sell sides of financial instruments.