Frequently Asked Questions | MBA & MSF


I'm interested in your graduate business programs, who is the best person to connect with?

You may submit an online inquiry or please feel free to connect with Associate Director of Admissions, Ryan Garcia directly at or 503-352-2187.

Are the MBA and MSF programs full or part-time?

Both the MBA and MSF are considered full-time academic programs. However, classes are held on Friday evenings and Saturdays for both programs.

How many credit hours is the MBA and MSF?

The MBA is a 39-credit program spanning 13 courses within 15 months. Each course is approximately 4 weeks and students take 1 course at a time. 

The MSF is a 30-credit program spanning 10 courses within 11 months. Each course is approximately 4 weeks and students take 1 course at a time.

There is an additional credit available for students interested in the optional travel course.

What is the in-class commitment for the programs?

Cohorts meet every-other weekend for a half day on Friday and a full day on the adjoining Saturday. The MBA runs from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Fridays and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

Does the program cover the STEM designation for OPT extension?

This program is not covered under STEM, and the OPT follows the business program category. In other words, the student would not receive extended OPT periods (27 months). 

What does the out-of-class workload look like?

Depending on the course, students can expect to spend between 12-15 hours per week for reading, performing simulations, taking online quizzes, participating in group and/or solo project work, writing papers and taking in online instruction. 

Are students required to bring any specific supplies or materials to class?

A laptop pre-loaded with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) is required for both the MBA and MSF programs and should be brought to each day of class. Students using a work-issued laptop computer should have administrative access as it must be capable of connecting to Pacific's online network. Windows platform is recommended.  

Do you require GMAT or GRE test scores?

The GMAT is required for students with below a 3.0 GPA. However, GMAT scores are considered a valuable element of any application. 

When is tuition charged to the student's account?

Tuition cost is billed to the student's account or their financial aid at the beginning of each term. Terms are generally no more than four courses long.  

Where can I find information about your graduate business program's academic policies?

Please visit our Graduate Policies page for detailed information regarding grading, academic standing, maintaining financial aid eligibility, registration and more.

Who may I contact with questions regarding post-graduate financial aid and/or FAFSA?

Please connect with Financial Aid Counselor, Stephanie Goerig at or 503-352-2106.

Are Pacific's graduate business programs accredited?

Pacific University is a regionally accredited institution in the NWCCU conference that features numerous accredited degree offerings at the bachelors, masters and doctoral level. The MBA and MSF degrees are new offerings at Pacific and are currently seeking ACBSP accredidation. If you plan on using a tuition assistance program through your work or other affiliation, please confirm that your tuition assistance does or does not require a specific type of accreditation. 

I'm very close but do not fully meet the application requirements. What can/should I do?

Please connect with Ryan Garcia to schedule a counseling session. There are multiple barometers for gauging success. Let's talk about your strengths and identify ways you can better position yourself!

Does Pacific provide catering to its MBA and MSF students?

Yes, each program is fully catered during class days. 

Apparently I have a non-frequently asked question.

No problem, please contact Ryan Garcia, MBA at or 503-352-2187 and he will quickly guide you to the answers you need.