Endorsement | Special Education

The Special Education Endorsement Program on the Eugene and Forest Grove campuses allows individuals who hold a current teaching license to add a Special Education Endorsement with Early Childhood/Elementary (ECE/Elem) and/or Middle School/High School (MS/HS) authorizations.

The program entails 12 months of coursework and practicum experiences. Candidates also may work toward a master of arts in teaching or master of education degree concurrently. 

Candidates must pass the NES Special Education test for licensure, as well as the ORELA Multiple Subjects Exam to be considered highly qualified (often completed as part of an Initial License).

Student Learning Outcomes

The special education program at Pacific University is dedicated to preparing all teachers to support students with disabilities as equal and valuable members of the school community through a curriculum that focuses on the following learning outcomes:

  • Ability to implement strategies for teaching students with disabilities
  • Facility with technologies for 21st Century teaching and learning
  • Ability to implement inclusive practices for diverse learners
  • Knowledge of how to build school partnerships and internships
  • Skill in special education leadership and advocacy




Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions
503-352-1435 or 877-722-8648 ext. 1435 | teach@pacificu.edu

Director, School of Learning & Teaching
Associate Professor of Education; Special Education Program Coordinator (Eugene)
Section Special Education Endorsement Requirements Credits Hrs
SPED-500 Foundations of Special Education 2
SPED-505 Exceptionalities 2
SPED-530 Integrated Curriculum and Methods for Students with Disabilities: Academic 3
SPED-535 Integrated Curriculum and Methods for Students with Disabilities: Functional 3
SPED-510 Behavior Management for Special Educators 3
SPED-516 Classroom Management for Special Educators 1
SPED-518 Collaboration in Schools 1
SPED-520 Assessment and Evaluation in Special Education 3
SPED-540 Technology in Special Education 2
SPED-575 Practicum / Student Teaching 3
SPED-576 Seminar 2
SPED-536 Transition - MS/HS only 1
Additional Requirements for Master's Degree
EDUC-660 Advanced Teaching & Learning 2
EDUC-661 Teachers as Consumers of Research 2
  Electives (See University Catalog) 2