Master of Arts in Teaching

Pacific Master of Arts in Teaching Degree Programs

Pacific University offers innovative and rigorous Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) programs leading to the Oregon Initial Teaching License.

MAT formats and campus sites include:

  • Full-time, 12-month MAT "Fifth-Year" (Forest Grove)
  • Full-time, 16-month MAT Fifth-Year (Eugene). Candidates spend 25+ weeks in a clinical practice site
  • Part-time 18-month "Flex" with classes held on weekend/evenings (Forest Grove and Eugene)
  • MAT SPED for candidates earning an endorsement in Special Education (Forest Grove and Eugene)
  • MAT STEM/ESOL for candidates earning endorsements in math and/or science and ESOL (Woodburn)

Student Learning Outcomes

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is a degree program leading to recommendation for the Oregon Preliminary Teaching License, with one or more subject area endorsements.  Successful MAT candidates demonstrate, through application in clinical practice, the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required for Oregon teacher licensure, including specific performance standards in learner development, learning differences, learning environments, content knowledge, application of content, assessment, planning for instruction, instructional strategies, professional learning and ethical practice and leadership and collaboration. Students incorporate in their practice a basic understanding of theory and research related to linguistics and second language acquisition, knowledge of cultural diversity and the impact of diversity on learning, including historical backgrounds and current legislation related to ESOL/Bilingual education policies, and will be able to use a variety of effective teaching methods, including helping English language learners make the transition from sheltered-English or native-language instruction to mainstream classrooms.  Competence is demonstrated documented through content area examinations, observations and ratings of clinical practice made by clinical teachers and university staff, successful completion of an externally validated and scored teacher performance assessment (edTPA), and completion of a teacher action research project. 

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Eugene Fifth-Year Program
Forest Grove Fifth-Year Program
Eugene Flex Program
Forest Grove Flex Program
Eugene and Forest Grove MAT SPED


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Diana Watkins | Associate Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions | Forest Grove & Woodburn
503-352-1435 |

Sara Summers | Assistant Director of Graduate & Professional Admissions | Eugene
541-632-8805 |

Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Forest Grove)
Director, School of Learning & Teaching

Daniel Kirk, PhD

Director, School of Learning and Teaching (Forest Grove)
Associate Professor of Education; Special Education Program Coordinator (Eugene)
Assistant Professor; TAG Program Coordinator; MAT Program MS/HS Strand Coordinator (Forest Grove)
Assistant Professor; Undergraduate Program Coordinator (Eugene)
Associate Professor of Education


MAT Core Courses

Credit Hrs

EDUC-612 Teaching & Inquiry I: Fundamentals of Teaching Through Inquiry 2
EDUC-613 Teaching & Inquiry II: Design & Implementation 2

Advanced Educational Psychology, Development & Learning

ESOL-560 Foundations of ESOL Methods 2
EDUC-606 Critical Perspectives on Identity and Social Systems 3
EDUC-648 Critical Perspectives in School Contexts 2
EDUC-607 Technological Learning Environments 2

Early Childhood Education/Elementary or Elementary/Middle School Multiple Subjects Endorsement Courses

EDUC-664 Learning & Teaching: Social Studies & General Methods 3
EDUC-665 Learning & Teaching: Science and Health 2
EDUC-666 Learning & Teaching: Math 2
EDUC-667 Learning & Teaching: Literacy Development 4
EDUC-668 Learning & Teaching: Expressive Arts 2

Middle School/High School Single Subject Endorsement Courses Credits

EDUC-636 Instruction, Assessment & Classroom Management 3
ESOL-544 Educational Linguistics for ESOL Teachers 3
  EDUC/ESOL Elective Course 2

Secondary Subject Pedagogy Courses

EDUC-617 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Business 4
EDUC-618 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Social Studies 4
EDUC-619 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Art 4
EDUC-621 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Drama 4
EDUC-622 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Music 4
EDUC-623 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Language Arts 4
EDUC-624 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Math 4
EDUC-626 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Science 4
EDUC-627 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Health 4
EDUC-642 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: World Languages 4
EDUC-643 Secondary Subject Pedagogy: Physical Education 4

Professional Practice Credits

EDUC-650 Field Experience 1
EDUC-654 Clinical Education Practicum 2
EDUC-614 Teaching & Inquiry III: Critical analysis & decision-making 2
EDUC-673 Teaching Seminar 2
EDUC-672 Classroom Student Teaching 9
Total credits for ECE/Elem or Elem/MS 46
Total credits for MS/HS 45