Specialization | Talented & Gifted

Pacific University’s Center for Gifted Education offers a 13-credit specialization program for teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals and parents who want to learn more about meeting the needs of gifted children. The Talented and Gifted Specialization Program includes an introduction to gifted education, social and psychological foundations of gifted education, and classroom strategies, followed by a practicum in which participants apply their knowledge and skills. Each class is offered either 100 percent online or in a blended format, depending on demand. Blended courses meet for three half-day Saturday sessions each semester. The remainder of the coursework is conducted online to allow students more flexibility and convenience. Students may enter the program during any semester.


Students may enter the Talented and Gifted Specialization Program in the Spring, Summer or Fall terms. The program is open to teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals and parents. Application requirements:

  • Hold Preliminary, Basic, Standard, Initial or Continuing License
  • Experience with gifted students

Student Learning Outcomes

Students develop understandings of the history of gifted education, the social and psychological foundations of gifted education, and classroom strategies for designing meaningful learning for gifted and talented students.


Students enrolled in Pacific University’s Advanced Programs (MEd, Professional Teaching License) should see their adviser. All students may register by downloading the Non-Degree Seeking Student registration form. Send the completed form to Ann Matschiner at matschal@pacificu.edu.

TAG Program Flyer (pdf)


Ann Matschiner | Assistant Professor of Education | Forest Grove
503-352-1461 or 503-901-9924 | matschal@pacificu.edu


Director, School of Learning & Teaching
Assistant Professor; TAG Program Coordinator; MAT Program MS/HS Strand Coordinator (Forest Grove)
Section TAG Specialization Requirements Credit Hrs
EDUC-581 Introduction to Gifted Education 3
EDUC-582 Classroom Strategies for Talented & Gifted Education 3
EDUC-583 Social & Psychological Foundations of Gifted Education 3
EDUC-506 Twice Exceptional Learners 2
EDUC-584 Practicum in Talented & Gifted Education 2