AAOT: Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree available from community colleges for transfer to four-year institutions.

AP: Advanced Programs (beyond the Initial Teaching License)

APT/SpEd: Alternate Pathways to Teaching program in Special Education which include a paid internship as part of the 17-month program.

Authorizations: In Oregon, teachers may qualify to teach at one or more of the four authorization levels – Early Childhood Education (ECE), Elementary (Elem), Middle School (MS) or Middle Level (ML), High School (HS).

CBEST: California Basic Education Skills Test

CF: Conceptual Framework

CLDC: Childhood Learning and Development Center, located in Berglund Hall.

COE: Pacific University College of Education

CTL: Continuing Teaching License, an optional Oregon advanced license

Cultural Competency: a non-licensure certificate program offered exclusively by the COE.

ECE: Early Childhood Education

ELL: English language learners

ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages, an Oregon teaching endorsement

Extended Term Contract: a contract which may be offered to faculty members not holding terminal degrees, based on a Personnel Committee review against the same standards used for tenure review; this rolling three-year contract grants the same rights and opportunities as a tenure contract.

GPA: Grade Point Average

INTASC: Interstate New Teacher Assessment Support Consortium

ITL: Initial Teaching License – the first license earned in Oregon’s tiered license system.

MAE/CS: Masters of Arts in Education/Curriculum Studies –a non-licensure master’s degree in education.

MAT/5th: Masters of Arts in Teaching/5th Year –a 12-month full-time post-baccalaureate cohort program leading to an initial teaching license.

MAT/FLEX: Masters of Arts in Teaching program with a flexible schedule that includes night and weekend classes and leads to an initial teaching license.

MED: Master’s in Education – an advanced program (beyond initial teaching license) which may include a Continuing Teaching License.

MED/VFL: Master’s in Education/Visual Function in Learning – a non-licensure program available to College of Optometry students wishing to specialize in reading and other learning issues among P-12 students.

Mentor teachers: school-based personnel (full time teachers) who host, mentor and supervise student teachers in their classroom.

MSAT: Multiple Subjects Assessment for Teachers

NETS•T: National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers

NWCCU: Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

ORATE: Oregon Association of Teacher Education

ORELA: Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments

OTEN: Oregon Technology in Education Network, a consortium of six independent colleges which provides workshops, conferences, and equipment grants to candidates and faculty in order to promote thoughtful and effective means of incorporating technology into teaching.

PPST: Pre-Professional Skills Test

PRAXIS II: Content Knowledge Assessment

SMPS: State Minimum Passing Score

SPA: Specialized Professional Association

SpEd: Special Education endorsement

TAG: Talented and Gifted – a non-licensure certificate program offered exclusively by the COE.

TSPC: Teachers Standards and Practices Commission, the teacher and school personnel licensing agency for Oregon. Also known as ‘the Commission’.

UG: Undergraduate

University Supervisors: Full-time or part-time University faculty who observe and supervise student teachers as well as assess their work sample and their Summary Student Teaching Evaluation.

WS: Work Sample