Standard 6: Element 4

Standard Six: Unit Governance and Resources

The unit has the leadership authority, budget, personnel, facilities and resources including information technology resources, for the preparation of candidates to meet professional, state and institutional standards.

Element Four: Unit Facilities

On the Forest Grove campus a new facility (Berglund Hall) has just been completed as of December 2007. This $11,200,000 facility provides a state-of-the-art computer lab, a classroom for methodology courses in math and science, a child learning and development center that will integrate ECE academic curriculum with developmentally-appropriate education to preschool children, offices for each faculty member and many spaces devoted to student use. The child learning and development center will also provide well-equipped early childhood classrooms and will serve as a field placement site for student teachers earning the early childhood endorsement.

The Eugene campus is currently operating at near capacity during most of the year due to steady growth over the last five years. As a result, we are developing plans for a permanent site for that campus. The building of permanent facilities for the Eugene campus will be recognition of the high-quality reputation that College of Education (COE) faculty have gained as they have served students.

COE students are regularly placed in school districts in which candidates have experiences with diverse students, are able to use advanced instructional technology, and learn from exemplary teachers.

COE faculty members are committed to making technology one of the strengths in our programs. Candidates are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop to the program and most do. For those who don’t, the COE operates technology labs at the Eugene and Forest Grove campuses allowing access to the latest technologies and software. In addition, candidates can check out laptops to use when completing course projects. Initial and advanced candidates must show evidence of meeting the NETS•T standards in the technology class required in their programs. Because our candidates increasingly come into their programs with high levels of technological proficiency, faculty members have worked to become more proficient and use technology on a regular basis.

As one of the three COE foci, the use of technology is encouraged by the COE and supported with funds. All faculty members have laptops with appropriate software. All classrooms in Berglund Hall and are outfitted with the latest technology to enhance learning. On the Eugene campus and in Berglund Hall, several classrooms are set up as technology-infused classrooms for the purpose of demonstrating to candidates the current trends in P-12 education, including interactive products like Smart Board. In addition, a full-time COE staff member oversees the development of the COE website, helps Eugene COE candidates integrate technology into their curricula during student teaching and assists Eugene faculty to use technology in new ways.

Though 130 miles apart, COE faculty members on both campuses regularly meet in small groups using interactive television technology. This older form of communicating is now being replaced with computer-to-computer voice and video communication between the campuses. This will allow wireless distribution of electronic documents as well as being able to demonstrate anything that can be pulled up on a computer.

Faculty members proficient in using technology to enhance learning very generously share their expertise with less proficient faculty members. This has resulted in many faculty members experimenting in using new technologies. Several faculty members represent the COE as part of the Oregon Technology in Education Network (OTEN), a consortium of seven independent Oregon colleges that have cooperated in seeking funds for the purpose of helping their teacher licensure candidates become proficient at using technology to enhance learning.