Student Outcome Data | Audiology

Data for the Doctor of Audiology program regarding program completion rates, Praxis national examination pass rates, and employment rates will be updated annually during the fall term.

Program Completion Rates

Cohort # entered program # completed program within expected 3-yr time frame % completed program within expected 3-yr time frame # still in progress # not completing
Class of 2015* 23 18 78% 1 4

*Inaugural cohort; graduated 8/8/15.

Praxis* Examination Pass Rates

Cohort # who took exam % pass rate of # who took exam
Class of 2015** 17 100%

*The Praxis is the national examination administered by ETS and required by most states for audiology licensure.
**Inaugural cohort; gradated 8/8/15.

Employment Rates of Graduates

Cohort # of graduates % of graduates employed in profession
Class of 2015* 18 89%**

*Inaugural cohort; graduated 8/8/15.
**To-date, within 4 months of graduation.

Data revised 11/8/15.