Pharmacy | PharmD

The Pacific University School of Pharmacy offers a three-year program that leads to a doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) degree.

Courses are offered in a modified block design, allowing students to study one topic at a time before moving on to another content area. Experiential components are integrated into the first two didactic years of study, and the third year is devoted entirely to advanced clinical experience.

At Pacific, we emphasize integration of concepts, as well as teamwork and collaboration among students. As one of several health professions programs offered at Pacific's Hillsboro Campus, we also emphasize interprofessional cooperation among the healthcare team.

The School of Pharmacy is fully accredited by the ACPE. We admitted our first class in Fall 2006. Today, our average class size is about 98 students.


Director of Experiential Education, Assistant Professor
Affiliate Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Residency Studies
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Assistant Professor
Professor & Dean, School of Pharmacy
Affiliate Professor of Pharmacy Practice

The PharmD program at Pacific University offers courses in a modified block design. The structure provides a schedule that allows students to study one topic at a time before moving on to another content area. 

Specific course dates, times and locations — as well as additional course descriptions — for the 2016-2017 academic year are available in the academic calendar (pdf).

Summer Term: May 16 - August 5, 2016
Fall Term: Aug. 8 - Dec. 9, 2016
Spring Term: Jan. 3 - May 20, 2017

Year 1

Course Number Course Title Credits
PHRM-560 Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry I 2.5
PHRM-590 Pharmacy Practice I 2.5
PHRM-596 IPPE Preparation I 2.5
PHRM-594 Social and Administrative Sciences I 2.0
PHRM-561 Biomedical Sciences: Biochemistry II 2.5
PHRM-562 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics Interface 2.5
PHRM-563 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Central Nervous System I 2.5
PHRM-568 PCR: Pulmonary, Cardio, Renal I 2.5
PHRM-569 PCR: Pulmonary, Cardio, Renal II 2.5
PHRM-570 PCR: Pulmonary, Cardio, Renal III 2.5
PHRM-565 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Central Nervous System II 2.5
PHRM-580 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Gastrointestinal and Nutrition 2.5
PHRM-592 Pharmacy Practice 2 2.5
PHRM-597 IPPE 1 Community 2.0
PHRM-595 Social and Administrative Sciences 2 2.0
PHRM-598 IPPE Preparation II 1.0
PHRM-581 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Endocrine and Sex Hormones 2.5
PHRM-582 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Hematology and Oncology 2.5
PHRM-583 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Immunology and Toxicology 2.5
PHRM-584 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutics I 2.5
PHRM-585 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmacokinetics 2.5
PHRM-586 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Infectious Diseases 2.5
PHRM-587 Pharmaceutical Sciences: Pharmaceutics II 3.0
PHRM-540 End of Year Exam 1.0
CHP 510/511 Interprofessional Competence: Theory & Practice 1.0

Year 2

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM-696 IPPE 2 Community 3.0
PHRM-697 IPPE 3 Health System 6.0
PHRM-641 Clinical Sciences: Introduction to Patient-Centered Care 2.5
PHRM-698 IPPE 4 Community 2.0
PHRM-690 Pharmacy Practice 3 3.5
PHRM-694 Social and Administrative Sciences 3 2.0
PHRM-642 Clinical Sciences; Cardiovascular I 2.0
PHRM-643 Clinical Sciences: Neurological and Psychiatrics I 2.5
PHRM-644 Clinical Sciences: Neurological and Psychiatrics II 2.5
PHRM-645 Clinical Sciences: Renal 2.5
PHRM-646 Clinical Sciences: Endocrine 2.5
PHRM-647 Clinical Sciences: Sexual & Reproductive Health 2.5
PHRM-648 Clinical Sciences; Gastrointestinal 2.5
PHRM-683 Clinical Sciences: Pulmonology 2.5
PHRM-699 APPE Preparation 2.0
PHRM-692 Pharmacy Practice 4 3.5
PHRM-695 Social and Administrative Sciences 4 2.0
PHRM-681 Clinical Sciences: Infectious Diseases I 2.5
PHRM-682 Clinical Sciences: Infectious Diseases II 2.5
PHRM-680 Clinical Sciences: Immunology 2.5
PHRM-687 Clinical Sciences: Cardiovascular II 2.5
PHRM-685 Clinical Sciences: Hematology and Oncology 2.5
PHRM-686 Clinical Sciences: Infectious Diseases III 2.5
PHRM-684 Clinical Sciences: Acute Care and Nutrition 2.5
PHRM-688 Clinical Sciences: Drug Induced Disease 1.0
PHRM-640 End of Year Exam 1.0

Year 3

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM-701 APPE: Advanced Community Pharmacy 6
PHRM-702 APPE: Health System Pharmacy 6
PHRM-703 APPE: Ambulatory Care 6
PHRM-704 APPE: Internal General Medicine 6
PHRM-705 APPE: Patient Care Elective 6
PHRM-706 APPE: Patient/Non-Patient Care Elective A 6
PHRM-707 APPE: Patient/Non-Patient Care Elective B 6
PHRM-711 Self Study APPE: Review/Experiences 6
PHRM-709 Comprehensive Curricular Review 2